Åbo Akademi University

Geohouse and University of Turku

Where the education and research is focused on the Fennoscandian shield

In autumn 2016, geologists from the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University, and archaeologists from the University of Turku moved to the Geohouse (Geohuset in Swedish and Geotalo in Finnish). It has state-of-the art laboratory facilities for sample processing and analysis. Moreover, the lecture and seminar halls of the Geohouse provide space for teaching across disciplinary and university boundaries. The University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University share master’s degree studies in geology.

In the Geohouse there are English master programs in Bedrock geology and Quarternary geology and Environmental geochemistry. Please visit our home page https://geohouse.fi/

The number of teaching staff and senior researchers in geology in the Geohouse is 14 and number of Ph.D students is 15.

Research in the Geohouse

Fennoscandian Bedrock

Fennoscandian Bedrock focuses on the evolution, composition, structure and the resources within the crystalline bedrock of Fennoscandia. The research aims at improving the scientific understanding how the planet Earth works, but also provides a solid foundation for applications within e.g. mining and exploration, engineering and environmental control.

Environmental Geochemistry

The research group in Environmental Geochemistry is focused on sulfur and metal geochemistry as well as nutrient cycling in Boreal coastal, lacustrine and marine landscapes. Research includes: (1) nutrient cycling in lake ecosystems and restrain of the internal and external loading, (2) identification methods and management of acid sulfate soils and assessment of the fate of associated metal species along the biogeochemical spatial gradients from the coastal terrestrial environment to the Baltic Sea, and (3) biogeochemistry of marine sediments with emphasis on the longterm environmental changes caused by climatic oscillations and anthropogenic nutrient loading.

Quaternary Sediments

Quaternary Sediments are studied to understand past and future climatic and environmental changes using sediments in terrestrial, lacustrine and marine environments. The investigated glacial and high-resolution lake and marine sedimentary records in Finland and worldwide provide information of both natural variations and human impact on the environment.

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Geohuset / Geotalo / Geohouse

Akatemiankatu 1, 20500 TURKU


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