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EOL Ventsystem

EOL Ventsystem is specially designed for underground ventilation, and offers a complete ventilation system along with expertise for the correct calculations and design of suitable ventilation equipment. Our goal is to be a partner for our customers. EOL Ventsystem supplies system design, axial fans, dampers, silencers, diffusers, VFD’s and differential pressure doors. We also supply Trolex gas sensors and Accutron flow meters. Together with our designers we often custom-make solutions to fit for your purposes. The company has been involved in Mining and Tunnelling operations for more than 100 years and offers well-designed products and competence for this demanding industry. The AKRON factory where our products are made, is located in Sweden about 100 km northeast of Gothenburg.

Designed for long lifetimes

The dimensions of EOL Ventsystem can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. One advantage of our products is that we use aluminium alloy hubs and blades, for longer life time expectancy on the motor-bearings. Our fans are hot dip galvanized, and normal range is between Ø500 to Ø2000 mm diameter, with variable hub diameters and motor sizes up to 450 kW per stage. All fans can be delivered as multi stage fans, and they are constructed from a modern module system based on pressure and volume demand. The standard capacity is up to 125m³/s or 4200 Pa per stage.


A right designed ventilation system can reduce energy consumption and increase production. EOL Ventsystem has the knowledge and products for a high-performance ventilation system for all possible Mining and Tunnelling situations. Our fans go through extensive testing according to several ISO standards, in the state-of-the-art laboratories at Akron, who has one of the largest pressure chambers in Europe.

Ex. 2-stage EVS 140-56-06-2x90kW


Increase your security with our sectional door

Our Diffpressuredoor is a specially developed gate for the client with high requirements for wind load and safety in mind, in conditions that may arise for clients such as mines and security companies. Port sections are specially designed, reinforced and profiled. This guarantees very high security and resistance regarding wind load and external force, and the gate can take a max differential pressure of 4500Pa. Gate dimensions width x height are custommade, with a max width of 5000mm. The gate is delivered with RECO’s frequency controlled RD100 control system, motor operation and necessary safety devices, and automation that is customized for you. It comes as standard delivery in heat galvanized steel sheets with painted consoles.



The ideal door for mines and industrial environments

The Mine-door is our solution for high differential pressure applications, an optimal choice for increasing personnel safety and efficiency in demanding and tough environments such as underground mines and industrial complexes. Such environments are likely to build up a high differential pressure between interior and exterior areas. This is where our Mine-door comes in as the ideal solution for safe, flexible passage. Examples are placing the Mine-door towards a ventilation shaft or beside a large door, and it will bypass the high differential pressure by its shaft through the center of the door, which the door swivels around. The door has ball bearings which are permanently lubricated. In the scenario where you need to get a stretcher through, you can rest assured that our Minedoor offers no obstacle with its wide opening. Our Mine-door comes ready assembled and easy to install for your application.

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