Franzefoss Minerals

- Limestone since 1919 -

Franzefoss Minerals AS is the parent company of our production companies Miljøkalk, Verdalskalk and NorFraKalk. We are currently one of Norway’s leading suppliers of limestone and dolomite to the construction sector, agriculture, environment, industry, waterways and the export market.

We operate production plants, storage and a distribution network throughout Norway. Our head office is in Rud in Bærum. Our quality policy is based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The Group currently has around 155 employees.

Our production plants are located close to deposits and are logistically well distributed throughout the country. Our plants and companies operate from Ballangen in the north to Arendal in the south.

We produce high-quality raw materials, particularly Ballangen dolomite, with its whiteness, as well as limestone from Tromsdalen, which has a lime content of over 98.5%. These characteristics make the limestone suitable for several purposes, in a refined form such as calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide.

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