GeoVista AB

Long experience within geological and geophysical issues

GeoVista AB is an independent consultant company within mineral exploration and engineering geophysics and geology. We have a wide knowledge and long experience of geological issues. We strive towards excellence in quality. The company was founded in 1992 and has gradually grown to become an important supplier of services specialized in geophysics, geology, mining and GIS. We plan and perform field surveys; process, model and interpret nearly all kinds of geophysical and geological data. Geological mapping, geochemical and petrophysical sampling are also part of our services.

GeoVista AB is currently a supplier of geophysical and geological services in several mineral exploration projects and in ongoing mining operations in Scandinavia. We help our exploration customers with the necessary permits. Together with the client we define appropriate investigation methods on ground, in boreholes or airborne. We also carry out many of the investigations ourselves. The results are evaluated with state of the art modeling and visualization techniques. With our knowledge and long experience we support our clients and help them making the right decisions for their future work.

Mining companies can rely upon our significant experience of mineral resources evaluation and design. One of our senior partners is appointed by the Fennoscandian Review Board as a Qualified Person for reporting of mineral resources.

Our personnel often performs engineering geophysical and geological work in connection to infrastructural projects such as railroad and tunnel constructions and we also perform soil and rock characterization measurements for foundation estimations. Water prospecting and environmental studies of soil and ground water are other important tasks, often performed for the community.

During the years 2002-2007 the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Waste Management Company (SKB) performed two site investigations for the localization of a deep repository for high level nuclear waste, probably one of the most extensive geo-scientific projects ever run in Sweden. We are proud to say that GeoVista AB was the largest supplier of geophysical services during these investigations.

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