Global EcoProcess Services (EPSE)

A Sustainable Solution for Treatment of Mining and Industrial Wastewater

Global EcoProcess Services Ltd (EPSE) is a Finnish company specializing in the treatment of mining and industrial wastewater containing soluble metals.

EPSE patented new technology is a unique solution for rendering precipitated metals irreversibly insoluble and environmentally harmless. EPSE technology turns hazardous waste into valuable raw material for various applications. The technology has been successfully tested and proven in ongoing industrial hazardous waste treatment applications, as well as by on-site pilot tests in the mining industry.

EPSE vs Hydroxide precipitation

EPSE precipitation technology
Irreversible: with increase of pH precipitated metals stay insoluble
Hydroxide precipitation method
Reversible: with increase of pH precipitated metals become soluble again

EPSE Technology and its Advantages

The major advantages of EPSE technology innovation in treatment of soluble metals compared to technologies currently available and operating on the market are:

  1. Simple, fast, scalable and cost efficient – low operation and investment costs in infrastructure and equipment, can be used in batch and in continuous flow processes, unlimited capacity, cost of the EPSE chemical is low
  2. Can be retrofitted and/or integrated to optimize existing treatment equipment/processes/plants – in practice all mines and wastewater treatment companies already have the required equipment
  3. Effective with many metals and irreversible – treatment of many metals in one single step – when metals are precipitated, they become insoluble and stay insoluble and inert when pH is further adjusted
  4. Removes metals to very low residual level and the precipitate is inert and insoluble – recovery of potable water quality and inexpensive end storage of environmentally harmless precipitate
  5. Effective with low and high concentrations of metals – can be used in mining wastewater and industrial wastewater (high concentrations, often 1000 times more than in mining water) treatment applications
  6. Precipitation process is exothermic – the process needs less energy and generates heat which can be recovered for use in other processes in cold climates, such as e.g. in the Nordic countries and Canada
  7. Capability to reduce sulphates significantly – two major challenges: metals and sulphates, especially if combined with RO
  8. Precipitate can be used as raw material for several purposes – as an additive in production of extremely hard and durable concrete – as a source of raw material for extraction of metals

In the mining water treatment industry application EPSE technology offers a one step processing solution for hazardous wastewater treatment with outstanding results, cost efficiency, purification of water and the possibility of extraction of metals from the precipitate. Our technology has been tested, verified, validated by industrial pilot tests (at the Belvedere Inc. Hitura nickel mine, Finland) and is in full operation in ongoing industrial hazardous waste treatment applications. In the mining industry application EPSE technology has been estimated to be able to achieve potential annual savings of up to €1M by most conservative calculations for any currently operating mine with mining wastewater or AMD problems.

We have been extensively developing our hands-on industry expertise and capabilities over the last few years and we would be happy to show our technology in full operation at our partner’s Kierto Environmental Services Ltd industrial waste treatment facilities in Finland. One of Kierto’s waste treatment plants near Helsinki has now been operating with our technology for two years with consistent monthly operational treatment cost savings at 20-40% compared to the conventional treatment method it operated previously.

EPSE is currently taking part in the EU Horizon 2020 IMP@CT Research and Innovation project consortium funded by the European Commission. The project addresses the problems of the current situation in mining. The current mining paradigm promotes extraction from large ‘world-class’ deposits that have required innovations in mining techniques to deal with low grades, large infrastructure to deal with high throughputs and large feasibility studies to prove long-term commercial viability. High investment in operations is no longer available in the current economic climate and many small companies have ceased to trade, concentrating production and limiting the ability of the raw materials market to respond to increased demand for raw materials or shortages in raw material supply. The problem is most extreme for critical raw materials that are produced in small quantities relative to traditional metal commodities, because the potential return on investment is too low.

EPSE technology in this project contributes to the solution of developing an entirely flexible mining paradigm which will improve the viability of many critical metals and other small complex deposits. The whole systems approach that has been adopted to realize this new mining paradigm solution centers around technological innovations in mining equipment design and mine planning that would reduce the feasibility studies required, throughput of extracted material, infrastructure, land use, resource consumption and waste. Successful business models for this new mining paradigm require that mining and processing technologies can be adapted to multiple deposits and commodities.

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