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LHG155® - A new bronze alloy for the most extreme requirements

In the past, simple bronze and brass alloys were often used in various applications. These always required a more frequent maintenance and a greater amount of lubricant, and this caused longer downtimes due to repairs, if the maintenance interval were not kept by the actual operators. In addition, the entire economic working environment has also changed, with higher expected performance of man, and mechanical demands on materials and machine., higher yield requirements or shorter throughput times, which additionally forces all these regularly required maintenance intervals into even shorter intervals.

At the same time, there are also particularly heavy applications where extremely high loads or harsh environment and working conditions have always made it difficult to keep the moving parts of the systems flexible in these areas with simple bronze or brass alloys.

Consequently, the LHG - GleitlagerKomponenten®, which is a part of the GLT Bearings Group® are also specializes in customized solutions with various solid bearing materials and components, has set itself the task of providing its customers with better solutions. In several years of cooperation and joint development work with a special foundry for various bronze alloys produced by centrifugal casting, we were able to present a valid result with our new LHG155® Bronze to some of our first customers in 2018. Further tests were carried out by independent laboratories specialized in material analysis, which uniformly confirmed our own previously determined test results.

Our LHG155® Bronze has exceeded all expectations and has shown in the first test results much higher strength and load values than originally planned. These high results made it possible to use plain bearings made of this LHG155® Bronze without any problems for heavy applications, especially where extremely high surface loads (up to 680 MPa static) are applied to the bearing location. Typical applications include crane and lifting applications, or where forces generated by long lever arms are generally amplified. They are also well applicable in the area of automotive or construction machinery industry, where e.g. the axle geometry has to withstand higher loads due to the larger and ever growing superstructures.

In comparison with other bronze alloys, it is easy to determine the outstanding mechanical properties of our LHG155® Bronze and the application-specific advantages achieved by using this new alloy. Furthermore, with this new alloy it is also possible for us to produce the sliding bearing design as a maintenancefree version, based on our LUB-MET® products with embedded solid lubricant plugs. These plugs also can be designed to be water-resistant, depending on the planned operating conditions. Although the maintenance-free design minimally reduces the specified load values of each alloy variant listed, it still surpasses the plain bearing types made of other non-LHG155® alloys that have been common on the market to this day.

For further information and questions about our new high-strength bronze alloy, simply talk to us or contact us e.g. by email at or via the usual channels. We will be happy to examine together with you the possible use of this alloy in your planned area of application. Even if you cannot use our LHG155® Bronze, we will be happy to help you selecting the right sliding bearing solution and material for your special application!

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