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Genuine swedish engineering since 1940

Grindex is a global leader in electrical submersible pumps for demanding applications such as mining, construction and heavy industry worldwide. Since 1960, we’ve been specializing in best quality pumps for dewatering. We offer drainage-, sludge-, slurryand stainless steel pumps, as well as accessories for different dewatering solutions.

When you are running a Grindex pump, you can rest assured that a dedicated team is watching your back, our experts are always there to see to your every need. Through our network of service centers around the world, we provide the best level of support possible.

Drainage and sludge pumps

The drainage and sludge pumps are designed for continuous and unattended operation. Grindex pumps are equipped with an electronic motor surveillance and air valve for dry-running capabilities. Grindex pumps are strong, lightweight and have proven their performance in various mines for example gold, platinum, copper and coal mines worldwide. Extreme environment in mines where the water becomes caustic and destroys conventional pumps in matter of days, Grindex pumps are proven to be reliable and lasting. Other popular applications are tunneling, quarries and building sites globally.

Same models are also available in INOX for offshore projects.

Slurry pumps - BRAVO

The slurry pumps are designed for pumping fluids with high concentrations of abrasives, like sand and stones. Each part of the BRAVO is designed for maximum endurance and reliability. Typical applications include dredging, cleaning of settling ponds, coal and ore slurries, Bentonite, coal washing water, sewage treatment plants, steel works and quarries.

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