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Lighting for demanding conditions

Quality and sustainable development are at the heart of I-Valo’s lighting solutions. Luminaires designed for the most demanding conditions are manufactured in Iittala in the south of Finland.

Numerous companies are upgrading theirlighting systems. Seeking cost reductions, they are shifting from conventional light sources to LED luminaires. However, when calculating the final cost, all aspects of the selected solution should be considered. It often comes as a surprise to people that, unlike conventional luminaires, LED solutions do not come with a replaceable bulb. If the light source in the system is non-replaceable, a new investment is required at some point. I-Valo strives to be at the forefront of sustainable development. That’s why the company offers LED-ready solutions with a lamp that can be replaced. Because of their design, most LED fixtures currently on the market must be replaced in their entirety when their LED lamp or ballast reaches the end of its service life. This results in the need for heavy investments and expensive installation work. I-Valo wanted to develop a lighting solution that is easy to maintain and upgrade. The system developed by I-Valo, a lighting solution supplier established in Finland in 1971, is based on a technology package that includes LEDs and is easy to replace – all you need to do is loosen a few screws.

Extended service life

Some of our customers are using lighting fixtures that are up to 40 years old but still in perfect condition. Our luminaire bodies are made of painted aluminium, meaning that they last practically forever. It would be great waste to have to dispose of the old luminaire bodies once the light sources reach the end of their service life. To address this, we have developed new upgradeable LED luminaires and technology packages that are compatible with the old bodies. A large share of I-Valo’s conventional fluorescent and discharge lamp luminaires can be converted to work with the latest LED technology, which also makes them more energy-efficient. This also extends the system’s service life and ensures that the solution meets today’s sustainable development requirements.

Flawless operation – despite impurities in air and fluctuations in air pressure

In addition to sustainable development and energyefficiency, another central feature of I-Valo’s products is their durability in all conditions. Our lighting systems are the go-to solution for numerous sectors operating in demanding conditions, including paper, forestry, metal and mining industries, and they are also used in power stations and infrastructure projects. The latest example of these is the construction of a metro system in the Middle East, which involves the installation of thousands of luminaires. Even though LEDs are sensitive electronic components, our luminaires function perfectly even in the most demanding conditions, including cold, hot and dirty environments. Numerous factors that may interfere with the operation of luminaires are found in mining tunnels, including dust, vibration and fluctuations in air pressure. These do not cause problems to I-Valo’s products. Thanks to a unique filter solution developed by the company, the extra glossy optics and sensitive LED chips remain clear of impurities. This filter also controls pressure, ensuring that the system remains air-tight and fluctuations in air pressure do not damage the luminaire.

I-Valo is a Finnish luminaire supplier that has its roots in the Iittala glass factory. In addition to providing luminaires and spare parts, the company offers lighting design services, also for demanding industrial conditions. In the course of its history, I-Valo has exported lighting solutions to more than 40 countries.

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