Defining the Future Underground

Company description

Normet is a fast growing and innovative technology company offering continuous improvement to underground construction and mining processes for increased safety, productivity and profitability. Our complete technical solutions create value through saving costs and shortening process cycle times and are developed based on the welfare of people and on the care of the environment. Normet has a broad offering for underground mining and tunnelling: equipment, construction chemicals, rock reinforcement products and services. Normet currently employs over 1200 business professionals and the net sales in 2018 was over 300 million euro. Normet is a Finnish company operating globally with over 50 locations in 30 countries. For more information, visit

Sprayed Concrete for safe tunnels

In addition to offering our complete range of equipment and services, Normet is also an expert partner throughout the spraying process: for concrete admixtures and accelerators, technical advice, extensive support, problem solving and training. Normet offers a large range of mobile sprayers and mobile concrete transport equipment to meet the needs of the customers.

Mechanized underground blasting

Today, all high-production underground operations use bulk explosives: ANFO, emulsions or water gels. To maximise the benefits of bulk materials, the charging processes must be properly mechanised. The equipment has to be safe and reliable, while meeting the highest possible productivity and quality requirements of the industry. Normet has designed a complete range of underground explosive chargers – the Charmecs - around these needs.

Lifting vehicles for optimum reach

The Utilift scissor lifts are designed for lifting and installation work in mining and low-profile tunnelling. Utilift vehicles are suitable for roof reinforcement works, explosive charging and installation of cables, pipes and ventilation equipment. Himec range is the product of a long collaboration between Normet engineers and global tunneling customers and experts. This has generated a holistic understanding of customers’ lifting and installation equipment needs in both hard and soft rock environments.

A productive scaler family

Mechanisation improves both the quality of scaling and the level of safety, productivity and effectiveness. Normet offers a mobile mechanised scaling system: the Scamec 2000.

Underground Versatility

High productivity in underground mines and tunnel excavations depends on timely and reliable transportation of a wide range of resources to work sites: men, explosives, fuel, oils, water, pipes, hoses, cables, rock bolts, and more. Normet provides you with a complete range of rubber tyred underground transport vehicles to fit all your needs – the dedicated Utimec-range, the modular Variomec system and the Multimec slide on / slide-off cassette system.

Next generation underground support

The D-Bolt® represents a new generation energy-absorbing rock bolting system, specifically designed for efficient and reliable rock reinforcement in both squeezing and burst-prone strata conditions. In unconsolidated and fractured ground, boreholes may be difficult to keep open during traditional bolt installation. The Normet hollow steel self-drilling anchor (SDA) program offers a complete range of steel products that can overcome this problem.

Sealed and secure

Bonded to concrete or to strata, polymeric liners are relatively new to the tunnelling and mining industry. With a typical applied thickness of 2 – 10 mm they can be applied with high output ranges providing not only a seamless water and gas barrier, but can often act as a first support liner. Normet is taking a leading role in offering a range of liners from long-term durable flexible membranes to rigid, rapid setting structural support products.

Commanding the ground

Normet is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical resins and grouts for ground consolidation, void filling and water ingress control used within the tunnelling, mining and general civil engineering environment

No boring limits

TBM tunnelling without chemicals is unthinkable. Normet provides efficient TBM additives combined with expert advice to fully support our customers. To protect our environment in the best possible way, Normet TBM additives are very carefully developed concerning their eco-compatibility and their use is thoroughly surveyed on site.

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