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Handling abrasive sludge & slurry

PLUSFLOW’s solutions are for the Scandinavian market with high focus on applications where difficult medias like sludge and slurry are very challenging. We are always looking to significantly improve TCO, life time and reduce downtime.

ABEL and ALIA are fulfilling these benefits and advantages.

ABEL: Electromechanical Piston / Membrane pumps

ABEL has since 1947 special technical know-how and extensive experience everywhere in the world when it comes to transporting highly abrasive media.

Hydraulic Quadruplex Diaphragm Pumps (HMQ) run slowly, are especially robust as well as reliable and a big help when conveying abrasive ore slurry in mining applications.

The HMQ pump series meet the requirements of challenging tasks in mines throughout the world. They are used as pumps for mine dewatering/refilling, feeding filter presses, reactors and autoclaves as well as transporting mine slurries and tailings. Furthermore, they have a respectable service life.

ALIA: NON-Nuclear Density Meter

The Alia Density Meters (ADMs) are used for the continuous density control of different slurries in many applications. These processes are often characterized as challenging processes due to their abrasive or corrosive characteristics.

Key Advantages:

  • Made to Measure sustainable production maximization
  • A more sustainable business management and company reputation
  • No need for special training or specifically trained personnel
  • No more challenges when transporting nuclear sources or with stringent regulations.
  • Demonstrating social responsibility and responding to society’s pressure to reduce nuclear waste.
  • The Alia Density Meter helps you to control and enhance production in a sustainable manner.

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