Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab operates as a stevedoring, ship clearance and forwarding company at the ports of Oulu, Kokkola, Tahkoluoto (Pori), Koverhar (Hanko), Vuosaari (Helsinki) and HaminaKotka. Founded in 1884, Rauanheimo has gained thorough knowledge of stevedoring, forwarding and shipping activities over the years and is today one of Finland’s leading port operators. The number of employees is about 170. Turnover for 2018 was approximately 110 MEUR.

Rauanheimo offers services in stevedoring, forwarding, ship agency, Russian transit, customs declaration, container traffic, general and bulk cargo handling. The company also offers added-value services such as transports, handling of the goods at departure and arrival, documentation of the entire chain and customs clearance. Rauanheimo designs competitive logistics solutions that will save customers time and money by combining different services for the customers’ needs. Rauanheimo is part of the strong KWH Group.

Using its ability to adapt, change and chase new challenges, Rauanheimo has undergone significant growth in recent years and has operations in Oulu, Kokkola, Tahkoluoto, Koverhar, Vuosaari, HaminaKotka and significant operations also in Russia. Close collaboration with customers allows Rauanheimo’s dedicated team of professionals to develop tailored solutions that add genuine value to our customers’ logistics chains. Rauanheimo is a dependable partner thanks to three basic principles that have remained unchanged for the last 135 years: family culture, expertise of employees at every operational level, and focus on the customer. Rauanheimo is strategically expanding operations in Finnish ports, allowing them to serve customers in the areas of the customer’s choice.

Rauanheimo is a market leader in transit traffic and offers fast and flexible service through ports along the Finnish coastline.

Rauanheimo’s slogan For GoodStories contains the essence of their operation; turning transports into success stories. Rauanheimo creates success stories together with customers.

Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab is a growing and versatile industrial logistics company with a large machine base of over 200 machines and operations in 15 locations. Adolf Lahti was founded 1927 and has focused on providing logistics and machine service solutions for the mining-, forest- and other base industry and trade sectors. The number of employees is over 110 and the turnover is about 20 MEUR.

Adolf Lahti uses strong competency and modern technology in combination with a traditional sense of customer service and responsibility to guarantee customer satisfaction. Adolf Lahti offers a wide range of services such as factory services (including complete start-to-finish solutions), added-value services for industry, transports and cargo handling.

Both Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab and Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab are a part of KWH Logistics business group, which is one of the leading and fastest growing logistics players in Finland and a member of KWH Group. The year 2018 turnover was approx. 185 MEUR and the business group employs more than 500 people.

The two sister companies cooperate and combine sea and road transports as well as factory and mining industry services into a seamless whole, benefiting the client’s operations. Customers are provided with door-todoor services. Rauanheimo handles the transportation and stevedoring services in the ports and usually Adolf Lahti outside the ports except coal handling, which Adolf Lahti had specialized in. Together the companies offer total logistics solutions, all services included.

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