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The sun rises in the North

Harvesting the power of the sun for low cost renewable thermal energy

Savosolar is an award-winning producer of the world’s most efficient solar thermal collectors for large scale systems to various industrial customers requiring large amounts of heat, including electrowinning, electrorefining, and leaching processes in the mining industry. Together with local partners, Savosolar offers the design, delivery, and integration to existing production processes, of complete turnkey systems, which help our customers to lower and stabilise their energy costs for several decades into the future. At the same time, the solar thermal systems contribute to the lowering of our customers’ carbon footprint and improves their corporate image in environmental terms.

The advantages of solar thermal technology 

Solar thermal systems provide a stable and low cost of energy since no fuel for the solar system needs to be transported to the production site. The fuel, in the shape of sunshine, is readily available and does not require any costly or time critical transportation to the remotely located mine, as opposed to traditional fuel-based heating technologies.

Operating without any fuel as input, leads to the solar thermal system also being exhaust free. This means that the technology has no COX or NOX emissions.

Mining operations are particularly well suited for solar thermal energy since the extraction processes require relatively low temperatures, which allow the collectors to work more efficiently. Additionally, most mines profit from being situated at locations with plentiful and unobstructed sunshine.

Solar thermal systems require very little O&M apart for some electrical power for the pump and the control system, and easily operates off-grid with a local power supply if required. Cleaning of the collectors may be recommended in dusty areas to ensure high performance, but such solutions may be automated for Savosolar’s collector fields.

Most importantly, the exclusive use of the sun as fuel means that the average cost of solar thermal energy can be forecasted for many years into the future with a high degree of certainty. The cost of energy production is highly volatile for fuel-based technologies since its cost of fuel strongly fluctuates due to availability, taxation, local and global politics, and other factors which are difficult, or even impossible, to foresee. In this aspect, solar thermal energy offers a very attractive alternative since its largest cost of operation is financial costs, namely interest and depreciation costs, related to the initial investment. Such financial costs may be managed with much longer agreements, which allow for the total cost of operation and energy production to be forecasted with a high certainly for 20-30 years into the future.

The world’s most efficient collectors

Savosolar’s solar thermal systems offer the best possible investment by using the world’s most efficient collectors. Our collectors use coated profiles with multiple channels, which distribute the heat transfer fluid across the entire area of the surface. This leads to a more even distribution of the heat, and a lower thermal resistance, compared to traditional collectors that use round pipes welded to coated sheets. In combination with internal connection hoses and an etched antireflective glass, this design leads to our collectors being 10-20% more efficient than most traditional collectors. This efficiency will either supply more energy from a dedicated area of installed collectors, or allow the required amount of energy to be harvested by using fewer collectors and requiring less land.

Our philosophy

At Savosolar we develop solar thermal solutions for professionals and believe that quality is the best investment. Every day, we strive to develop our products to be technologically superior and to offer a reliable energy production with the most competitive kWh price during the lifetime of the solar thermal plant. We believe our customers should have a secure and transparent energy solution and our product concept is that your collector field, even after 20+ years in operation, still generates what was specified at the point of installation.

Reasons to work with Savosolar

Savosolar is a Finnish company and familiar with the quality requirements of the mining industry, including the aspects of reliability, uptime, and total cost of ownership and energy produced respectively

Savosolar strives to be, and remain, as the technology leader in our industry. We do so by adopting proven technologies from industries known for their high quality standards, and adapting them to the needs of our customers. Our use of multiport profiles and collector gluing has been inspired by the automotive and aerospace industries, which have successfully used these technologies for many years.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with improving your carbon footprint and cost of operations.

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