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Sika Sweden helps to speed up and optimize processes for mining and tunnelling

For mining business a quick and smooth process cycle combined with high security and environmental consideration is essential. In this ambition Sika Sweden is an important partner for the Swedish mining industry. With long experience, high knowledge and a full range of support and products for concrete mix design, accelerators and admixture Sika Sweden delivers customised solutions which also can be applied for construction of tunnels.

Sika Sweden is a subsidiary to the global company Sika, which was founded in Switzerland 1910. Sika is a specialty chemicals company with products and solutions for construction and industry

Sikas product lines feature high-quality concrete admixtures, accelerators, grouts, fibres, sealants and adhesives, reinforcing materials, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring as well as roofing and waterproofing systems.

Sika has subsidiaries in 90 countries around the world and manufactures in over 160 factories, with approximately 17 000 employees.

Sika Sweden was founded in 1950 and has today 110 employees and a turnover around SEK 631,8 million. Sika Sweden has a strong presence on the Swedish market with local product development, production and high competence about the customers businesses.

Speeding up strengthening process

For the mining industry in Sweden, productivity and efficiency in safe working conditions have for a long time been important focus points. The need for time-efficiency has placed great demands on an optimised concrete technical mindset when it comes to shotcrete. There is a benchmark of 4 MPa for the tunnel to be safe to work in after shotcreting and for the productivity within 4 hours. The mining industry has spurred the development of sprayed concrete with early strength which has challenged the knowledge of suppliers of concrete and concrete admixtures.

Sika has an important role as a supplier of shotcrete technology, accelerators and ad-mixtures like plasticizers in order to make the concrete more stable.

With high competence, knowledge and long experience Sika supports the Swedish mining industry with solutions which can help to optimise and speed up the processes and production as well as achieving efficient and safe operations.

Sikas product knowledge and safety approach can also be applied in civil engineering construction industry when building tunnels.

Fast product development with Sika MiniShot

To develop new products and perform tests with shotcrete takes time and results must be evaluated over time, as conditions change depending on where it takes place. In order to meet the markets needs for new, more efficient products, Sika has developed a test method making it is possible to conduct reliable tests in the laboratory. Sika MiniShot makes it possible to investigate the interaction between chemically reactive shotcrete components in a quick, easy and reliable way. One of eight test units in the world is located in the laboratory in Spånga outside Stockholm.

As a direct result of Sika MiniShot, R&D in accelerators has become much more efficient. It is used as a natural part of development, but also to adapt shotcrete to project specific requirements within civil engineering so that full-scale trials on site can be minimized.

For the Swedish market, this means that Sika can develop customised products with optimised cost and performance mix designs for shotcrete, and do quality tests for tunnelling projects.

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