Stress Measurement Company

Measuring in situ stress reliably also at large depths

Stress Measurement Company has developed a truly innovative way to measure in situ rock stress reliably from tunnel surface. In this method the secondary stress is measured around the tunnel perimeter to several directions in one tunnel section.

A robust mechanical LVDT stress measurement cell is used in the overcoring on existing tunnel or shaft surface. The method results in full stress tensor after solving the stress state using our 3D inversion algorithm. The approach is very different from traditional overcoring measurements and provides very reliable results with well-established field procedure.

The new LVDT cell technology can also be used in high stress environments, therefore the deepest mines in Scandinavia (up to 1430 m) are using on our technology. Also, several tunneling projects in Scandinavia has used our technology to gain a reliable in situ stress interpretation in the design phase.

Benefit also from our complete rock mechanical laboratory services that include:

  • Uniaxial compressive strength testing
  • Rock drillability and abrasivity testing
  • Direct joint shear testing
  • Fracture toughness testing
  • Indirect testing testing
  • Triaxial compressive strength testing
  • Calibration of Point Load Test device

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