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Tapojärvi keeps its word:

The company has decades of experience in open pits and underground mines. It acts as an integral partner in the processes of mines.

Everything from drilling and blasting to crushing, mucking and hauling.

  • Drilling and blasting
  • Loading, transportation and scaling of drifts
  • Rock reinforcement
  • Ramp drifting
  • Production drifting
  • Support work
  • Mounting equipment
  • Building and Maintenance of underground roads
  • Crusher feeding at concentrating plant
  • Dam construction

In the future Tapojärvi continues the good work in mines. The company’s consistent target to grow is the core force behind all improvements. Tapojärvi aims to extend the amount of services it offers, and expands its business. Tapojärvi Sverige AB in Sweden was established in 2014.

Besides mining operations, Tapojärvi is a well-known operator in the steel industry. Handling of recycled steel, metal recovery, slag handling, and recycling of refractory products are just some of the company’s operations performed at steel factories. The idea is to reuse material up to 100 %. All these operations are executed in an effective and ecological way. Over 50 years of persistent development work has intensified Tapojärvi’s working processes. All along safety has been kept in mind. The experience Tapojärvi has, and the quality of the work, gives significant benefits for the clients. By utilising its knowledge base and state of the art equipment, Tapojärvi offers most reliable service, co-designed together with the clients.

Our experience has shown that being close to clients is the way to support their business the best possible way. We want to offer our clients tailored service to meet their needs. For us it’s important that our clients get the most out of the co-operation. We want to be a flexible and helpful partner in every project. Our experience and the expertise of our personnel are our core assets. Our goal is to always operate safely and reliably.

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