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Flexible materials for mining and processing industry

Comprehensive Mill Lining Services. Material transfer hoses & polyurethane components for the Mining Industry. Made in Finland.

Teknikum® Mill Lining for grinding mills

Teknikum designs and manufacturers grinding mill linings. Our specialty is optimizing the lining according to customer expectations. In addition to mill lining with rubber, our services include lining components with different reinforcements and with many latest fixing methods. We also offer mill lining installation services incl. supervision and high-quality measurement and lifetime estimation technologies.

  • We aim for the optimal in-service lifetime and optimal grinding media results.
  • Via process simulation we can tackle even the most challenging technical issues related to grinding.

Teknikum® Chemical and wear-resistant rubber compounds

Teknikum Group’s rubber mixing plant and chemistry lab provide special rubber compounds for mining industry. We offer flexible and dedicated compound development services for mill linings as well as rubber lining for tanks, pipes and wear parts.

The lining design and rubber grade selection is done specifically to the process and in close cooperation with the customer.

For lining and wearing parts, we use the Teknikum® TRL rubber grades especially developed for the use of the mining and processing industries. Our own product development unit guarantees continuous development and testing. We conduct the practical tests together with the customer in the actual usage environment.

Our long experience, close collaboration with customers, and continuous R&D activities ensure that the best possible result is delivered to our customers.

Teknikum® Wear-resistant elements

We design and manufacture various wear-resistant elements by customer measurements and requirements. Some examples of these include silo, platform, and chute linings and wear-resistant sheets. We choose the right materials to suit the usage scenario. Our material options include diverse grades of rubber and polyurethane. If required, we can integrate other materials with these, such as steel and ceramics, to add wear-resistance and in-service life for the product.

Teknikum® Material transfer hoses and special assemblies for the Mining Industry

Teknikum has the largest industrial hoses factory in the Nordics. Our high-quality selection of material transfer hoses is developed to meet the requirements for wear and load bearing in mines and other processing facilities.

We offer multi-purpose industrial transfer hoses that can be utilized in transferring dry or wet, fine-grained and irregular, or sharp and hard objects and substances. Our selection includes blasting, suction and delivery hoses as well as slurry-handling hoses. In addition to high resistance to wear, the hoses are designed to withstand demanding circumstances.

The special qualities of the material transfer hoses are complemented by our Teknikum ALER-TEK™ wear indicator and PLUS flange technology ensuring pressure resistance and operational reliability.

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