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Mixing technology for mining and hydrometallurgy processes

Uutechnic Group offers special agitators for special environments and tasks. For the heavy industry Uutechnic has specialized in large top entry agitators. Our products are tailored to fulfill every requirement during the production cycle in mines and related plant sides.

Our heavy duty agitators for mining and hydrometallurgy are running successful in plants worldwide. Uutechnic Group has in total more than 150 years of mixing experience and knowhow of tank building.

Our leading market position among Scandinavian metal producers is based on high quality and unique service.

For ore processing we have agitators for various applications:

  • Conditioning of ore slurry before flotation
  • Concentrate storing
  • Slurry tanks around filtering
  • Slurry tanks in paste backfilling
  • Slurry tanks in both ends of slurry pipelines

For metal refineries we have agitators for various applications:

  • Leaching
  • Precipitation
  • Neutralizing
  • Reduction

In the hydrometallurgical production steps we solve all physical tasks and make sure the high demanding process conditions are considered.

Why Uutechnic?

  • We provide an advanced equipment technology.
  • We develop and manufacture high-quality mixing solutions with maximum availability.
  • We know the process in detail.
  • We offer unique service.

Our Solution

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Efficiency

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