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Grindex AB

Grindex is a global leader in electrical submersible pumps for demanding applications such as mining, construction and heavy industry worldwide. Since 1960, we’ve been specializing in best quality pumps for dewatering. We offer drainage-, sludge-, slurryand stainless steel pumps, as well as accessories for different dewatering solutions.

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Teknikum Group

Teknikum is an international company that specialises in the design and manufacture of various polymer products. Our service segment comprises product and service solutions for wear and corrosion protection, industrial hoses and hose assemblies for handling liquids and other materials, customer-specifically tailored and manufactured polymer products, e.g. industrial hoses, moulded products of rubber and plastic, rubber linings, polyurethane coatings, polyurethane and liquid silicone products, rubber compounds, sheets, and mats.

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Uutechnic Group

Uutechnic Group offers special agitators for special environments and tasks. For the heavy industry Uutechnic has specialized in large top entry agitators. Our products are tailored to fulfill every requirement during the production cycle in mines and related plant sides.

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Van der Graaf Scandinavia AB

Mining and aggregate processing equipment operates continuously under harsh conditions creating constant maintenance concerns. Abrasive environments that include dirt, dust, grit and humidity place extraordinary demands on conveyor belts and drive units. Heavy loads and impact shock intensify these assaults on the entire conveyor system. Specifically engineered Van der Graaf Drum Motors are built to endure these extreme conditions and handle the demands of virtually every application.

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