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Elkem ASA

The quartzite mine at Elkem Tana has been operated by Elkem since 1983. The deposit has proven resources for more than 50 years production and it is one of the world largest quartzite mining operations.

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Franzefoss Minerals

Franzefoss Minerals AS is the parent company of our production companies Miljøkalk, Verdalskalk and NorFraKalk. We are currently one of Norway’s leading suppliers of limestone and dolomite to the construction sector, agriculture, environment, industry, waterways and the export market.

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Oy Kati Ab Kalajoki

Recognized pioneer in eco-friendly exploration & drilling. KATI has conducted diamond drilling and surveys related to ore exploration for almost 40 years.

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Grindex AB

Grindex is a global leader in electrical submersible pumps for demanding applications such as mining, construction and heavy industry worldwide. Since 1960, we’ve been specializing in best quality pumps for dewatering. We offer drainage-, sludge-, slurryand stainless steel pumps, as well as accessories for different dewatering solutions.

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Teknikum Group

Comprehensive Mill Lining Services. Material transfer hoses & polyurethane components for the Mining Industry. Made in Finland.

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Uutechnic Group

Uutechnic Group offers special agitators for special environments and tasks. For the heavy industry Uutechnic has specialized in large top entry agitators. Our products are tailored to fulfill every requirement during the production cycle in mines and related plant sides.

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Van der Graaf Scandinavia AB

Mining and aggregate processing equipment operates continuously under harsh conditions creating constant maintenance concerns. Abrasive environments that include dirt, dust, grit and humidity place extraordinary demands on conveyor belts and drive units. Heavy loads and impact shock intensify these assaults on the entire conveyor system. Specifically engineered Van der Graaf Drum Motors are built to endure these extreme conditions and handle the demands of virtually every application.

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Education & Research

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

SINTEF is an independent, not-for-profit research institute. Technology for a better society is our vision. We deliver high-quality science and contribute to innovation, value creation and increased competitiveness within the private and public sectors. We offer a large, multidisciplinary and international research community and develop solutions to some of society’s grand challenges. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure solve challenges linked to the entire building and construction process.

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Drilling & Blasting

Epiroc Rock Drills AB

Epiroc produces a wide range of machinery for different underground operations from mining to tunneling. Innovation is a priority for Epiroc to ensure high productivity and low running costs. Safety and usability, both for the operator and service people, are always in focus when we develop our products. The range consists of tunneling drill rigs, spraying rigs, loaders and trucks, raise bore machines, ventilation fans and a range of battery powered products.

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Suppliers - Ventilation

EOL Vent Mining

EOL Ventsystem is specially designed for underground ventilation, and offers a complete ventilation system along with expertise for the correct calculations and design of suitable ventilation equipment. Our goal is to be a partner for our customers. EOL Ventsystem supplies system design, axial fans, dampers, silencers, diffusers, VFD’s and differential pressure doors. We also supply Trolex gas sensors and Accutron flow meters. Together with our designers we often custom-make solutions to fit for your purposes. The company has been involved in Mining and Tunnelling operations for more than 100 years and offers well-designed products and competence for this demanding industry. The AKRON factory where our products are made, is located in Sweden about 100 km northeast of Gothenburg.

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Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)

It is not that easy to build tunnels in Norway. History tells us there have been many problems with unstable rock masses and water leakage. Aerial surveys are the new way forward for identifying where the problem areas lie, and these surveys should be conducted before planning the construction of a tunnel. Research shows that tunnel problems in Norway are often due to tropical weathering of bedrock that occurred when dinosaurs roamed the land.

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Water Treatment Technologies

Global EcoProcess Services (EPSE)

Global EcoProcess Services Ltd (EPSE) is a Finnish company specializing in the treatment of mining and industrial wastewater containing soluble metals.

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Veolia Water Technologies

We at Veolia understand the unique requirements of mine operations and our worldwide expertise in mine water issues allows us to offer specialized water treatment solutions that treat water and efficiently remove a wide range of contaminants such as heavy metals, arsenic, suspended solids, organics, iron, manganese and specific ions.

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Ovako AB

Ovako develops high-tech steel solutions for, and in cooperation with, its customers in the bearing, transport and manufacturing industries. Our steel makes our customers’ end products more resilient and extends their useful life, ultimately resulting in smarter, more energy-efficient and more environmentally-friendly products. Our production is based on recycled scrap and includes steel in the form of bar, tube, ring and pre-components. Ovako is represented in more than 30 countries, and has sales offices in Europe, North America and Asia. Ovako’s sales in 2017 amounted to EUR 921 million, and the company had 3,040 employees at year-end.

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Savosolar Oyj

Savosolar is an award-winning producer of the world’s most efficient solar thermal collectors for large scale systems to various industrial customers requiring large amounts of heat, including electrowinning, electrorefining, and leaching processes in the mining industry. Together with local partners, Savosolar offers the design, delivery, and integration to existing production processes, of complete turnkey systems, which help our customers to lower and stabilise their energy costs for several decades into the future. At the same time, the solar thermal systems contribute to the lowering of our customers’ carbon footprint and improves their corporate image in environmental terms.

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GeoVista AB

GeoVista AB is an independent consultant company within mineral exploration and engineering geophysics and geology. We have a wide knowledge and long experience of geological issues. We strive towards excellence in quality. The company was founded in 1992 and has gradually grown to become an important supplier of services specialized in geophysics, geology, mining and GIS. We plan and perform field surveys; process, model and interpret nearly all kinds of geophysical and geological data. Geological mapping, geochemical and petrophysical sampling are also part of our services.

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Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab operates as a stevedoring, ship clearance and forwarding company at the ports of Oulu, Kokkola, Tahkoluoto (Pori), Koverhar (Hanko), Vuosaari (Helsinki) and HaminaKotka. Founded in 1884, Rauanheimo has gained thorough knowledge of stevedoring, forwarding and shipping activities over the years and is today one of Finland’s leading port operators. The number of employees is about 170. Turnover for 2018 was approximately 110 MEUR.

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Stress Measurement Company

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Tapojärvi keeps its word: The company has decades of experience in open pits and underground mines. It acts as an integral partner in the processes of mines.

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Sika Sverige AB

For mining business a quick and smooth process cycle combined with high security and environmental consideration is essential. In this ambition Sika Sweden is an important partner for the Swedish mining industry. With long experience, high knowledge and a full range of support and products for concrete mix design, accelerators and admixture Sika Sweden delivers customised solutions which also can be applied for construction of tunnels.

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Environmental monitoring

EHP Environment Ltd

We provide reliable, continuous environmental measurement solutions and high quality services to our customers. Real-time online environmental monitoring technology will play an increasingly important role in the future and we are the forerunner of this technology. Our goal is to be the first supplier of accredited online environmental measurement services in Finland.

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